A long shot?

I’ve done it – I started a BLOG!!

As the Blog name clearly states, I am a casual gamer. Not that I wouldn’t like to have a few afternoons / nights available all for myself, being thus able to join a raiding guild and heroically march into top-tier content – simply my life is not like that – other options and activities will always rise higher in priority.

But now for the major breakthrough – I am a casual player but I DO LIKE the game, and I DO ENJOY high-end content whenever I am able to get there – be it by a random invite or from a friend who is in a “true guild” and knows that I can hold my own when the tactics are laid out.

That being said, I have always wanted to start a blog from my casual perspective of the game – the name decision is in itself prone to some polemics, since I drag around me and my account a series of characters, both high and low-level, and spread over a myriad of different realms – this or that one has been my “main” for a specific period in time for whatever reason. Actually I guess it all boils down to my inability, when confronted with a game posing so many different options, to single mindedly go down an avenue discarding all the rest.

So among that amalgam of trolls, goblins, humans, dwarves, hunters, warriors, warlocks, paladins, etc, etc we find the one that I could call my actual main over the course of last years – Telurion, protection paladin – sitting at level 85 now for a few days, perfecting spec and rotations, instance strategies, both normal and heroic, and running the first to be able to reach the latter.

Here I will detail the route taken and most of all put out there my experiences as a casual gamer. Heck, I may even throw in some advice here and there!


Bottom line, I welcome you all to this “longshot” of a blog, which will attempt to shed some insight on the needs and wants, points of view and in essence what goes on in the heads of the strangest creatures to ever walk these realms – the Casual Gamers  😉

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